About Us

Boyhill Cookers and Stoves is a family run business which was established by Mr Wilfred Morrow over 25 years ago.

The business today is run by David, Robin and Elaine Morrow. We continue to lead the way in the cooker re-conditioning business mainly in the supply of and restoration of AGA and Rayburn Cookers.

Stoves and Cookers At Boyhill Ireland

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with AGA and Rayburn Cookers and we supply throughout the UK and Ireland.

As well as supplying re-conditioned AGA’s we can carry out a re-conditioning and re-enameling service on cookers which have been part of your home for years.

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Whether it’s a complete overhaul, including changing the colour, or just a face-lift, restoring it to its original standard, Boyhill Cookers & Stoves are able to provide a competitive service leaving your cooker like new.

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