Element4 produces stylish contemporary gas fires. Impeccable looks and ease of use are central in all their designs. Innovation is also very important and this strategy of innovation and design appeals to the discerning all over the world.


Element4 was founded by Benno de Groot and Jan Kempers in 2006 with the intention of becoming one of the most progressive manufacturers of gas fires in the world. Today Element4 designs and produces a broad range of high-quality gas fires which are both stylish and easy to use and will enhance the interior of any home.

Perfection on all fronts

Element4 strives for perfection on all fronts. They track the latest developments, place a strong focus on ease of use and excel in the design of its products. An Element4 gas fire is much more than a source of heat – it is a designer piece which has character and will enhance any interior. This drive for perfection is important in all their dealings. For them, service is the number one priority.

Worldwide dealer network

Element4 is available in Northern Ireland, at Boyhill Cookers Fermanagh.

Find out more about their range at their website