The Stovax Group is the UK’s largest stove and fireplace produce that has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of high quality, woodburning and multi-fuel stoves for over 34 years.

Today, Stovax is home to one of Europe’s leading ranges of stoves and fireplaces with models and colours to suit all types of interiors.

All Stovax stoves are designed either for multi fuel use, which means they burn logs, smokeless fuels or peat/turf briquettes, or as wood burners only.

Whether you choose woodburning or smokeless fuel options they are clean burning, highly efficient and available in sizes and styles to suit most rooms and living spaces. Stovax also do a range of insert stoves as part of the Stockton range.

Most stoves in Stovax’s collection feature Cleanburn technology so they burn logs or solid fuels with outstanding efficiency*, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. It works by introducing pre-heated, secondary air into the firebox to burn the excess hydrocarbons in the smoke.

Airwash air also helps keep the window clean, allowing you to enjoy the flames to the full.


Stovax Riva Studio Wood Burning Fires

This collection has been designed to create a striking feature in your living space with their enticing widescreen flame visuals complemented by an extensive array of frames and styling options.

Available in four sizes, these wood burning fires feature the latest Cleanburn and Airwash systems, allowing them to burn with outstanding efficiency.

Some of the Riva™ Studio Inset wood burning fires are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, when fitted with the appropriate kit.

The Riva Studio is a high efficiency wood burning fire, with 75% heating efficiency.

The Riva Duplex
There are several different styling options from the simple Edge or Cool Wall kits to the larger format Edge, Glass or Ceramic frames, there are even several Freestanding, Bench mounted & Hearth mounted models to ensure that there will be a Riva™ Studio just right for you.

Just as importantly, by burning logs, the Riva Studio fires use an energy source that is carbon neutral, renewable and infinitely better for our environment.

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