Product Selection & Design Consultation

We understand that the initial choice of stove or cooker for your home is a very important decision.

At Boyhill we have years of experience in assisting customers to help them select the right stove or cooker for their home and pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service.

As part of our service we offer advice on the best product for you and your home as well as design consultation and will visit your home or work with you on house-plans to look at a range of factors which may influence your Stove or Cooker selection, including:

  • Preferred Fuel type & consumption
  • The size of the room into which the stove will be installed (sq. m.)?
  • Inspect your existing fireplace and flue condition and advise accordingly (if relevant)
  • The total number of radiators in your home
  • Establish the correct size stove and kW rating to meet your requirements
  • For inset stoves, assess the height, width and depth of your fireplace.
  • Offer alternatives in situations where there is no existing fireplace or flue.
  • Recommend suitable stove or cooker options that best match your needs and home